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V9.0.0 Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy Auto Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips Support Multi-Languages



0.2KG        ( 0.44LB )


17cm*10.8cm*3.8cm        ( Inch: 6.69*4.25*1.5 )

Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips
1. Specially for 4D/46/48 Chips copy
2. Hand-held device, easy for operation, replacement for 468 KEY PRO III


Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips

1. Latest Version: V9.0.0
2. Language: 
English, Chinese, SpanishRussian, French, Portuguese, Turkish, newly add Arabic language. Different language price will be a little different, please contact our customer service.
3. This Device can't work together with CN1 or CN2 Chip, need to work with specially designed Handy Baby Chip, please choose Handy Baby JMD King Chip for 46+4C+4D+T5+G (4D-80bit)
4. Update Free Online on Official Website
5. Handy Baby has red, blue and grey color which we will send randomly.


Attention: Handy Baby Key Programmer has G Function now, if you want to get this authorization, please click SK166-S G Function Authorization for HANDY-BABY

Please provide your serial number with pictures after you make order, then we can open this authorization for you.

JMD Handy Baby 96 bit 48 online copy!!
if you have JMD assistant, you can have this function for free, while one time coding will cost usd20.
if you don't have JMD assistant, need to pay usd129 to get this function, and after having this function, it will cost usd20 for one time coding too.

Handy Baby v9.0.0 update:

1.Show Epica(4D60) master key match code after identification.
2.Increase unlock toyota smart key function.
3.Increase copy Honda 47 by king chipII.
4.Increase generate blank 47(just support king chipII)
5.Increase read/write hitag AES/PRO.
6.Distinguish 8A master key,support write or lock P4/P5/P6/P8/P10.
7.Increase unlock hitag vag(just support 754C and 754J of handy baby)
8.Decode 48 chip online, except MQB system.

Handy Baby V8.3.0 Update:

Handy Baby V7.0 Newly Released:

New Added Function
1, Able to simulate the 4D chip including 4D60 / 61/62/63/64/65/67/68 / 6A / 6B / 71/60 + / 63 + / 72G; 
2, Able to identify chip species;
3, Able to generate GM 46;
4, Fix the known bug;
5, Able to process the immo data:
Great Wall transportation 46 immo, Geely transportation 46 immo, Chery transportation 46 immo, Haima transportation 46 immo,
Chongqing Jicheng 4D immo, Delphi 48 immo, Siemens 46 immo, Lianchuang 46 immo, Alto 46, Roewe, MG, and other security data processing

Key Copy Programmer Recognize and Copy:


Recognize: Recognize chip 13, 40/41/42/44/45, 4C/46/48, 4D61/62/63/67/68/68﹢/71. Able to tell if 48 chip is from original or deputy factory.

Copy: Copy 46, 4D and a partial of original 48 I.E Buick Excelle, you have to use special GMT46/4D Chips, ID48 chips which can change ID.


Operation steps:


Turn on: long press the "On" button. 

Turn off: long press the "On / off" button or "On / off" and "OK" button

Steps to operate: follow the tips on the screen, put the original key into the coil, press "OK" to recognize.


Take chip 46, 4D and 48 for example. 


Steps to copy 46: 


1. Press "OK" to decode

2. Make antenna close to coil

3. Insert and turn the key (collection) 

4. Put original key into coil to decode

5. Put new key into coil to copy


Steps to copy 4D: 


Press "OK" to decode, then put new key into coil to copy.


Steps to copy 48:


Press "OK" to decode, then put new key into coil to copy.


Handy Baby Key Copy Programmer Initialize:


Please use with caution: only available for JMD46 / 4D and revisable UID48 chip. The data won’t be restored after the chip erased. 

Enter program, select the chip type, press "OK" to restore to factory settings. 


Handy Baby Key Copy Programmer Test Frequency:


Steps to test the key remote frequency: Enter program, make key close to the surface of left button, meanwhile press remote button, then the frequency will display. 


Handy Baby Key Copy Programmer Data read and write:


1) Read and write 46 chip 


1. Please select correct chip mode and password in order to read & write chip correctly. The device default chip mode and password is 46 chip blank. 

2. Select chip mode: move mouse cursor to "Mode", I.E "Plaintext mode", press "OK", the fonts turn black from white to indicate the selection mode, press "Up" and "Down" to select the Plaintext mode or password mode.

3. Enter password: move cursor to the password box under the mode, press "OK" to proceed, press "Up" and "Down" to select the data (0`F), press "Left" and "Right" to transfer password.

4. After finish press "OK"to exit, then move cursor to "Read all" to read out data. 

5. Read all: read out all data for 46 chip and display the status of locked or unlocked.

6. Write: write the corresponding data; make sure 46 unlocked before writing data. 

7. Enter data: the way to enter data is as the same as to enter password.


2) Read and write 48 chip 


1. Read: read out 48 chip UID, user 1 and user 2 data, and display 48 chip type as well as the status of locked or unlocked. 

2. Write: write the corresponding area data; make sure 48 unlocked before writing data.

3. Enter data: move cursor to the data input box, press "OK" to proceed, press "Up" and "Down" to select the data (0`F), press "Left" and "Right" to transfer password. After finish press "OK" button to exit, move cursor to "Write" to write data.

4. Unlock:  if the chip is locked, then it needs to be unlocked before writing into data. 

5. Steps: when the chip is read out locked, please enter PIN code which is the code of 48 chip, move cursor to "Unlock", press "OK" to unlock. 


3) Read and write 4D chip 


1. Read: read out 4D chip password, recognition and ID data, also display their status of unlocked or locked. 

2. Enter data: move cursor to the data input box, press "OK" button to proceed, press "Up" and "Down" to select the data (0`F), press "Left" and "Right" to transfer password. After finish press "OK" to exit, move cursor to "Write" to write data.

3. Write: write the corresponding area data; make sure 4D unlocked before writing data.

4. Lock: lock the corresponding area, note: it is unable to unlock after locked. 

5. Car ignition check: enter the verification code, then it will return corresponding signature. 


4. Other chips


Able to recognize chip 13、40/41/42/44/45、4C/46/48、4D61/62/63/67/68/68﹢/71 

Able to use T5575、em4305 and the compatible cards to copy 13 chip. 


5. Generate chip


Chip 67 and 68: need the unlocked 4D chip to generate. 

Specialized 48 chip: able to generate chip for only Seattle TA, VW TA, Skoda TA, Audi TA, SEAT TP, VW TP, Skoda TP, Audi TP and Jetta



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