Car Key master CKM 100 PC

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Company NameYoho Technology Co., Limited
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:HelenSales Manager
Last Online:16 Jan, 2018
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Product Description

Benz series:
Benz S CLASS (W140.W220)
Benz CL CLASS (W215)
Benz SL CLASS (R230)
Benz E CLASS(W210.W211)
Benz CLK CLASS(W208.W209)
Benz CLS CLASS (W219)
Benz C CLASS (W202.W203)
Benz ML CLASS (W163)
BMW series:
Old style BMW (EWS2.EWS3.EWS4)
BMW 1/3/5/6 (E87.E90.E91.E92.E60.E61.E63.E64) series white CAS2
BMW 1/3/5/6/X (E87.E90.E91.E92.E60.E61.E63.E64.E70)Series black CAS2

Multi-functions----Integrate functions such as key information reading, data calculating, key writing, and is applicable to both old and new.

Easy operation----Graphical workflow will make it easy for your operation. Whats more, our Car Key Master can be operated via OBD socket, CAN or K line on many models without disassembly.

High security G3 platform----Besides USB communication and online update, our G3 (the third generation) platform is especially featured by its high security: hardware anti-cracking and software anti-copying, adopting IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) for registration, upgrade and payment.
Bran-new keys----We will cooperate with German technology, and launch the bran-new keys for all the BMW and Mercedes Benz. At that time, you can get rid of the key shortage and no need to use any renovated second-hand keys.

System production:
The brand-new third generation platform, Except for the USB communication and online upgrade, our third generation platform is especially featured by its high security: Hardware anti-disassembling and software anti-copying, adopting IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) for registration, upgrade and payment.

Besides, we have two pre-pay plans for your choice, as Permanent license plan and token plan.

1. S Class W140 DAS IMMO ECU 05X32(0D69J)
2. S Class W140 DAS IMMO ECU 05X32 (0D53J/0D62J)
3. S Class W220 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J )
4. CLK Class W208 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J )
5. C Class W202 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J )
6. E Class W210 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J )
7. ML Class W163 AAM 05X32(G47V/1D69J ) MC711-PROG Old BMW EWS2(2D47J/0D46J) EWS3(2D47J/0D46J)

1. W220 EIS(08AZ60/1J35D)EIS 08AS60/4J74Y )
2. W215 EIS(08AZ60/1J35D)EIS(08AS60/4J74Y )
3. R230 EIS(08AZ60/1J35D)EIS(08AS60/4J74Y )
4.C Class W203 EIS(08AZ60/1J35D)

705E6 MOTOROLA key chip
E Class W210 ESL(05E6/G72A)
E Class W211 ESL(05E6/0F82B)
CLK Class W208 ESL(05E6/G72A)
CLK Class W209 ESL(05E6/0F82B)
CLS Class W219 ESL(05E6/0F82B)
C Class W202 ESL(05E6/G72A)
C Class W203 ESL(05E6/0F82B)

K&CAN Adapter
1.CAS2 X5(E70)9S12DG256
2.CAS2 1series white shell 9S12DG256
3.CAS2 1series black shell 9S12DG256
4.CAS2 3 series white shell 9S12DG256
5.CAS2 3 series black shell 9S12DG256
6.CAS2 5 series white shell 9S12DG256
7.CAS2 5 series black shell 9S12DG256
8.CAS2 6 series white shell 9S12DG256
9.CAS2 6 series black shell 9S12DG256
10.7 series (E66)9S12DG256
11.CAS3 X5(E70) 9S12XDP512 12.CAS3 X6

(E71) 9S12XDP512 13.CAS3
1 series 9S12XDP5
2 14.CAS3
3 series 9S12XDP512
5.CAS3 5 series 9S12XDP512
6.CAS3 6 series 9S12XDP512

ESL Adapter
1. MOTOROLA Key Chip
2. E Class W210 ESL(05E6/G72A)
3. E Class W211 ESL(05E6/0F82B)
4. CLK Class W208 ESL(05E6/G72A)
5. CLK Class W209 ESL(05E6/0F82B)
6. CLS Class W219ESL(05E6/0F82B)
7. C Class W202ESL(05E6/G72A)
8. C Class W203ESL(05E6/0F82B)

BMW 7 series E65 before 2006
IAR Key Adapter
Benz Models
NEC Adapter
Mercedes Benz S, C, E, SL, CL, CLK and CLS Class key

9S12 Adapter
1.W220 EIS 912DG128/0K50E (9-112);
2.W220 EIS 912DG128A/3K91D(9-112);
3.W220 EIS 912DC128A/3K91D(9-112);
4.W220 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D(9S80);
5.W215 EIS 912DG128/3K91D(9-112);
6.W215 EIS 912DG128A/3K91D(9-112);
7.W215 EIS 912DC128A/3K91D(9-112);
8.W215 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D(9S80)

OBP adapter
Specialized programmer IC chip Such as: 24 series/93series/25series
ICP Adapter
Specialized programmer IC chip Such as: 24 series93series25series
29F Ser Adapter
Old Mercedes-Benz key chip

CAN&BDM Adapter
1. W220 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D;
2. W215 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D;
3. R320 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D;
4. W211 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D;
5. W208 EIS,9S12DG128/1L85D;
6. W209 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D;
7. W219 EIS 9S12DG128/1L85D

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